Silhouettes of a church on the hill

When i look out of my window i can see over the City of Linz, on one of the oposite hills there is the Church of the "Pöstlingberg". When the sun sets behind the hills, sometimes you have a very nice orange and red color in the sky and then it is the perfect time to take some pictures of Silhouettes. Because i live pretty far away from the Pöstlingberg i used my 150-600mm lens to capture this picture. Depending on the sunset you can get really nice pictures with yellow, golden, orange and red color in the sky.

Silhouette of the church on the Pöstlingberg. Picture: Florian Glechner.

If you have also a nice structure in the sky from the clouds, the colors are amazing. But because the sun sets behind the hill very fast you only have a few minutes with these strong colors in the sky.