Lena Lights (Full Set of Pictures)

in photography •  last year 

These are the best shots out of the shooting with Lena!
We visited the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart together and took some very cool pictures.
What do you think?












Canon EOS 6D mk1 with Canon 85mm 1.4 / Sigma 35mm 1.4 / Sigma 24-70mm 2.8
photography by


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Solid shots man!

Great pictures, great moments and as a model you look great, the place i would love to visit it looks super...

Beautiful photos there.

Thank you :)

you are a genious sir

Wow the photos are amazing and beautiful. How I wish I could take outstanding photos like these. Great work.

Great pictures! The lights make for a great background.

photo quality is very cool

:D thanks for your words!

Wow! Amazing photographs. They are very well made. I notice the professionalism and passion for your work, it's excellent. Keep it up!

The photos are very good in photographing techniques, I became motivated in that, of course people who aim very expert in the field of filming, please teach me in memphoto something object, thanks friends ...

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@finkistinger i love the image in the post..so beautiful .. i bet the camera is really expensive

most expensive are the lenses..

Great work! They turned out amazing. How did you achieve the blurry effect in last few images? Long exposure or post processing?

I used a prism in front of the lens for some cool reflections :)