Forth Bridge Signalling to the Aliens where to land

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This is a new bridge that was build close to where I live in Scotland. Its called the 'forth bridge' and is super modern and fancy .. so fancy some of the lights are already broken. You can see to the left of the pier sticking out in the centre of the shot that there are gaps in the light on the bridge. anyway .. good job fellas! where's the nearest hardware store, we need 35,000 light bulbs thanks.

Anyway, I quite like this bridge as the three big pylons shoot massive beams of light into the sky, and I think it looks awesome, it's almost like its a big signal being pushed into space. It looks even cooler on cloudy and stormy nights where the beams of light pierce through the clouds. I'm just glad I managed to get it to come out in the photo.

Thanks for Looking.
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That does look very alien / futuristic like... I love it!

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Thanks :)