Best Drone Photos From Around The World!

in photography •  last year

A series of my favourite drone photos I've captured over the past year

All my work can be found on my Instagram -

I edited these photos using my Custom Adobe Lightroom Presets
Available On My Website -

And to all the Indians out there... Yes my last name is Hindi, and yes I know its very strange especially because I am not Indian haha :)











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Hello, @faris.hindi! We have never met! I love all your shots! Hard to choose, but if I had to my favorite is the first! Must have been an incredible moment capturing that amazingness!

My friend, @bluescan who introduced me to Steemit is also a "droner". I apologize in advance if that term is incorrect. He has his own drone business, thus "droner".

Thank you for sharing it with us!

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dude you just made my day!!! Yea droner is a good word actually haha. So glad you like the photos dude! it actually means soo much to me. You're the best and ill be following back my man ;)


Hahaha ... I chuckled reading your response! I read it out loud to @bluescan, I chuckled more!

I took an opportunity to look at your pics again! They truly are gorgeous!

Wow 😍 your pics are amazing. I am totally in love with them. Would it be possible to print one on a Poster? I am still looking for a beautiful shot for my Office. Best wishes from Germany 🌷


hey!! yes just send me an email
You are too kind thank you for the kind words!

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Wow this is some awesome stuff, resteemed!
Welcome to photofeed!


Thank you soo much!!!! You guys are the best!!

Beautiful whats your colour settings when taking these photos?


hey buddy. I edit my photos in adobe Lightroom with my custom presets. I find them really useful in maintaining a certain style within your work. I do sell them if you were interested, they are available on my website

fantastic collection


thanks soo much victor. means a lot my man so I really appreciate your kind words!

So so epic! Followed