The Fruits Aren’t Ripe Yet

in photography •  6 months ago 


Self portraits shot with the Fujifilm x100f.



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What a beautiful landscape.
You have chosen a beautiful shot.
You are always very sensual, I like how you position your body

Thank you so much Alessandro🤗

There's that hat again.

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It’s very photogenic isn’t it?


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A good place to retire

I feel like I’m ready for retirement already, gimme the sudoku and glass of sherry!

Nice! I keep forgetting it's summer in Europe =) Enjoy!

It’s playing hide and seek now, soon it’ll end 😭 You enjoy the warmth year round right?

uff yes it's HOT here, like 30 degrees all year round. Sometimes I wish for fresher temperatures

Beautiful day,
Beautiful location
Beautiful Ladie

Nicely vintage shots, looking like a 50's plantation haha; good effort 💯🐒

I’d be a great plantation owner 😝

I bet you would 😜 💯🐒

I think I could crack a whip real well 😈