American Goldfinch -- 27 July 2018 (Original Photos)

in #photography3 years ago

This American Goldfinch visited my coarse sunflower seed feeder and was kind enough to pose for a few pictures.

Photographs taken on 16 January 2018.

American Goldfinch

birding american goldfinch GF0003.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/18; 1/10 sec.; ISO-100; 300mm

birding american goldfinch GF0006.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/18; 1/10 sec.; ISO-100; 300mm

birding american goldfinch GF0008.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/18; 1/10 sec.; ISO-100; 300mm

birding american goldfinch GF0010.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/18; 1/10 sec.; ISO-100; 300mm

Range Map

Image Source

For more information the the American Goldfinch see All About Birds.


CameraCanon EOS 7D
LensCanon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
FiltersTiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter, Tiffen 58MM Circular Polarizer Glass Filter
TripodManfrotto MT190XPRO3 3 Section Aluminum Tripod Legs with Q90 Column (Black)

Use of Photographs

I used the SteemIt icon in my photo credit to indicate these photographs were originally posted on SteemIt.
The photographs in this post are free to be used by anyone as long as the photo credit is left on the photograph.

Photo Editing

Video editing performed with Adobe Primiere Elements 2018. Affiliate link to provided for your convenience.

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Beautiful bird. Perfect timing.

Hi Mike. Excellent photos, it shows that you like nature very much. Portraying her is a gift from God. Congratulations, a hug

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Photograph is best Timing is perfect

Excellent shots you have captured there not easy at all great one :)

We do run into these little characters in South Florida but I never knew what to call them, -- we have confused them with orioles that are Black & Gold too.

These are Orioles:

I usually see an Oriole once a year. It always seems to be just passing through.
The store I go to for bird seed sells jelly feeders for Orioles. I do not have any jelly feeders. That may be why the Orioles I do not see Orioles during the summer.

Have a great day!
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Nice Awesome photography

Posted using Partiko Android

cute little bird very good photography sir, thanks for sharing.

Nice photography!!
its cool!!

Love goldfinches! :) Thanks so much for this delightful photography.

Very nice and cute bird, perfect colour combination, good photos sir, thanks for sharing.IMG-20180729-WA0003.jpg

Beauty. Just saw one this morning. :-)

I have seen more House Finches this summer than American Goldfinches.

American Goldfinches are very striking this time of year.

In a month or so their color will start fading as we move into fall in the northern hemisphere.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

Thanks for the info on G. Finches. The one I saw was very bright yellow.

Pretty bird and you captured it well.

Sorry for my earlier comment, my bot detected that this has a high potential to trend, I would be interested in it and picked something that amounts to "I don't understand it enough to say anything". She's a work in progress. Anyways this was excellent, I love photo blog posts like this. I'll work on her tonight and help her understand these types of posts better.

She did an excellent job pointing me here though!

What did you not understand?

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great day,
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Hehe, thanks for your patience. You were chosen by a custom bot I wrote that picks out stuff I might like and that has a high probability of trending. She gives you an upvote and a quick comment to attempt to kick you over the goalpost. But she doesn't understand photo heavy content and rather than not say anything at all, she posts what amounts to a call for me to come look quickly.

I'm detailing her development on my own blog.

Congratulations to you... I am impressed with the creativity you have shown writing/using such a bot.

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Thank you for the wonderful comment. I am delighted.
I honestly believe that personal AI agents that do not require google or facebook snooping are the future.

Steemit alone has entirely too much content to be able to parse it all. Following doesn't work so well because of the amount of accounts that end up abandoned or sold.

So having your own bot, that is able to find stuff that suits your tastes is the way to go. Bonus points if the bot is able to find underrated content like yours and give it a little push.

I'm super excited to release her code, once I know she won't fill the comment boards with spammy looking useless comments.

Things like photo heavy blogs are especially a challenge. She doesn't have the ability to see the photo, let alone interpret what it might be. Her development thus far has been strictly about natural language processing. But she picked up on the fact that I like pretty photos anyways because she sees there's an image link there. She just doesn't understand what the link is. So she's really trying to say "I know Sara likes things like this, but I don't understand what it is and therefore I have no context to say something insightful".

I have some ideas on how I might compensate for her lack of vision (mainly giving her some sort of rudimentary vision using image classifiers), but there is a dollar cost for that kind of processing power and right now I just don't earn enough either from upvoting and curating or in my day job to make that financially attractive. So I'm stuck explaining the very odd comments she makes everytime she sees a photoblog I might like.

Again thanks for your patience!

I am not sure if this helps with the photos your bot discovers, but here is what I do. I use tags in my photos. This allows discovery of the photos by Google when people are searching for particular images. For example, my sunrise photos always contain the tag, "sunrise".

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I like helping new users on SteemIt.

I am a retired software developer, my programming expertise was scientific programming in FORTRAN.

It will be interesting to see your code. Maybe you can help me learn to explore the blockchain.

You earned a new follower. I look forward to seeing your future blog posts.

Have a great weekend!
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beautiful pix

#etcmike jgaa dakku himalya

Excelente toma, en el momento justo.

Hi :)
Beautiful photographs!! Great post.

beautiful bird pic.
thanks for posting your beautiful work.

Such a beautiful bird along with great photography!


wow, what a shot.

Beautiful sapparow

Wow really great Photoshoot

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Awesome love photography

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