The UGLIEST Sandwich Ever Made, And Why You Might Want One 🍞πŸ₯œπŸ―🌿

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Hey, is there WEED in that ugly peanut butter + honey sandwich? Well, YES there is... THAT'S what makes it so good!! πŸ˜‹


(I explain further down how/why this sandwich got so ugly... and also why it doesn't matter one pea-pickin' bit! Its beauty is in its PERFORMANCE.)

As far as I'm concerned, my girl @lily-da-vine, is Queen of Edibles, as well as lots of other homesteadin', glassblowin' goodness. She's well known for her sunset pics, and food porn shots.

I felt the need to give her that shout-out, as she is someone who regularly and yummily does what I attempt below (a cook-and-shoot... is that a thing?)

The gnarly lookin' sandwich featured in this post, is INTENDED to be down-and-dirty, so to speak.

I have a lot of tasks to get through. I'm hangry. And I need to medicate.

Put all that together, combined with an unimpressively stocked kitchen, and I came up with this multifunctional snack-meal... which is an ugly, stove-top version of the beloved Firecracker...

IMG_5133 (1).jpg

🍞 Bread
πŸ₯œ Peanut butter
🌿 Cannabis
🍯 Honey
πŸ’› Butter

With recipes and cooking, I am not an exacting person.
Inner guidance is a cultivated skill that gets stronger with use.
In this sandwich, I used about 2 buds... maybe the equivalent of a joint
(which is also a subjective determination.) It was potent.
I'd recommend half a sandwich, or 1 bud for more modest consumers.

Chop/ground your cannabis.


As you can see, I used mine fairly coarse. And I'll tell you now, that because I adore everything about this plant, I rarely "toss" any parts of it. Some people react as if it's savage of me, but I eat the stems, seeds, fan leaves... I SEE NO WASTE IN IT.

Decarb your cannabis by stir-frying in butter over a low flame.


Cooking until you get a golden brown color is ideal. Mine did not turn out ideally (translation: I burnt it! lol... hence, the ugly to follow in a couple pics.)

Place bread on top of de-carbbed weed.


Use the bread slices as sponges. Gently swirl 'em around to sop up all the THC-saturated butter. (Toldja, no waste.) I wasn't as gentle as I needed to be, though, so tore the bread.

Flip butter-saturated bread slices onto a plate.


Spoon out big dollop of creamy peanut butter.

Spread peanut butter on top of it all.


It blends more easily, than you'd expect.

Drizzle honey.


You could substitute honey with jam, cacao nibs, sliced bananas or nothing at all.

Spread honey.


Mmmmmmm, almost there!

Cut in quarters (to help with pacing). Enjoy!


Zero points for plating. One-hundred points for POWER.
Pleasant (to me) crispness on the inside.


I put a lot of love and effort into this under-valued post. πŸ˜•

That happens often, but this is my first time writing about my unhappiness with it.
I do so to make clear to Life + the Universe that I better understand my worth,
and expect outer circumstances to align themselves with inner richness.


For the past several months, I have lived off my Steemit payouts (as well as a couple other small income streams). They are modest but, thankfully, Mexico is cheap. I am very grateful to those of you who regularly read and Upvote my posts.

I, literally, would not be here without your support. So please accept my whole-hearted gratitude for what you have made possible... which is full-time focus on causes and projects to which I feel called.

I take great care with each post, and pour entirely too much time into each one... especially when you consider how FEW eyeballs actually even see/read them! lol

That is disheartening, but I do still grow from and through the making of them... and highly value each of you who are not turned off by long-form writing, and deeper thoughts.


If you are a user of this platform WHO UNDERSTANDS CURATION + ITS REWARDS, then I ask that you invest in me with your regular and generous upvote.

If you already do that, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Would you consider increasing the percentage that you designate to me??

Yep, that's bold and direct.

This request comes from an agorist, free marketer, and fully independent
researcher and content creator who has endeavored to write light and dignify cannabis
on this platform, and elsewhere, the past year.

I disagree with lack and $truggle, so am speaking up, on my own behalf.
It is HEALTHY, don't you think, to be your own best advocate?

Anyone who is self-employed KNOWS the one correct answer to that question!
Entrepreneurship FORCES you to grow beyond your fears, doubts and shyness.

So, I hope you speak up for you, too!

And I hope you can appreciate the pure intent
of this solo woman, practicing self-responsibility abroad.


Mini-Trip Report:

Took 15 minutes for me to eat the 4 squares. Forty-five minutes to uptake.
One hour after eating the ugliest sandwich ever made,
I enjoyed the loveliest body-high ever had.

People write and ask me:

"What's it like to live in Acapulco?", "How do you live more from your heart, and less by rules?", "How do you make room in your life, for the weed that you need?"

All kinds of stuff.

In response, I offer 1:1 Social Honesty Sessions. They move stuck stuff. 🌬️
Be serious. Be ready. And yes, of course, I take Bitcoin.

In joyful service to the green good, of the humanhood. πŸ’š


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I’m 68 and my mom told me not to smoke pot, so I never have, but she didn’t say I couldn’t eat it, maybe I should give this a try, ha ha.


You definitely should! You'll be amazed!!


@beginningtoend: 68 years without??



Ok, I did it once at a Canned Heat concert at Chicago’s Kinetic Playground, 1968. I do drink whiskey though and love a good martini. Cheers.


Cheers, @beginningtoend! 🍸

Resteem, doing it right girl:)


Get out! I’m shocked (and pleased) you actually approve of this ghastly thing! 😜


Something you and many of my Steemit readers don't know is I make a LOT of ugly food. There's a lot of flavor in those ugly bits :P

I used to do peanut butter and sandwich meat in my ugly sandwich. Adding some weed would be a nice progression. LOVE IT! thanks.


@enjoywithtroy: To sandwich progress! 😊

I would suggest decarbing longer for 30-40' @ 240F-115C in the oven. Longer decarb at lower temp maintains terpenes which also have medical effects. Try to keep the dosis homogeneous and start small so you can gage the effects.


Excellent, @cliffy32. THANK YOU. Yeah, the main reason for me doing this "stove top" version, is because my oven isn't working :-)

Cake is very much like I liked thank you beautifully given a picture

you are a great photographer..carry on your activity..✌✌✌

Wow is just what i can say!!!

Hmmm...interesting. Might have to try that sometime.

beautiful, follow up <3

Yummy! I like you. :)