The Descent

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Have you ever seen such a rail?

Probably not, unless you've been to where it is. This is what took us 11, 782 feet the ice capped mountains.


Going through the rocky tunnel won't give you any view so almost everyone in our caboose was asleep. My husband and I stayed up playing with one of our cams. It has a strap on it and he held the strap on its end making the camera pressed against the glass window. Every time the train hits a steep descent it would hang diagonally depending on how steep the descent. It kept doing that and a kid across our seats was watching us smiling every time it did that cause my husband would kid me; "ghost ~~".

Once again we had to switch and we decided to get off and take the last of the last trains because the station was almost empty. We went around looking at old trains. I was also searching for some ladies room but it seems that I had to hold it in till the last station.


I wonder whether the last train we took actually had a water closet cause when we finally boarded, there was no sight of it in our caboose. I wonder whether cause it won't be good for those rails and we went through rock tunnels where rain won't be pouring in so the chance of pee stink is quite high. Oh well, we do prefer mountain breeze don't we? Looking for the WC, I also noticed that we were very few in our caboose.

At first it was very quiet which was rather odd cause it was ultra noisy on the way up. Finally, the gushing started when a group of three Ams who apparently had too much of their bought chocs went giggling and gushing on almost every view point.


At that time, my husband and I discovered that we could actually stick our gadgets out the slight opening on the window so I took advantage of taking shots of the train. 'course, this is what I could only get.





The rest of the passengers joined us and sooner, our whole caboose was filled with laughter because almost everyone who has cams with them went on the left and right side of the train trying to capture the magnificent views through the glass windows. It started when all of us went out of balance when the train took a curve. Everyone couldn't help but to lol.


'course, I did that too but I also took pics of some things we passed by that gave me an impression of what's life like in the Alps thinking I may not get to see them on our next destination.

Here's a few.




So I guess, this is how some of them up here, dry their clothes in summer.


Look closer and tell me what else do you see? I didn't expect to see these here so I had to take pics of them for mementos. I have to admit I had a different impression of what The Alps would look like and so many times, I've been proven wrong.



There were many things that we didn't notice on the way up that we only got to see going back down like this river and the train stations that we mistook for hotel and resto stop over which is also true for a few. I guess it was because our train was fuller then.



It was almost dusk when we got back to the last station. I was hoping that the water closet was still open and so are most of the ladies in the caboose I was in. I got off to take a few more shots of the train and the golden hour and noticed another Asian lady trying to push and pull the water closet to no avail. Odd, I thought, I've never experienced this in NL but then again, at least that WC doesn't ask you to pay 50 euro cent.


Forget about the loo, so I took a pic of the train station and noticed that the rail it's on looks like that of the usual ones we see. For the last time, I took a pic of that rail on the thumbnail. Flashes of the history of that railway which I saw on pics hanging on the rock walls of the tunnels we went through to get to the ice palace, went playing in my head. The ones who built it never get to have a taste of its service for they all passed away before they could even finish it so while I felt ripped off after paying for the ticket on the way up, I realized how privileged I actually am.

This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my D Eye and some with my other digicam.

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interesting :)

It seems to be lovely ride, especially to see all the beauty around I probably never sleep in such a train. As to the cams through open window, I thought that you will mention that someone lost their cam, you know that sometimes in movies or cartoons it is like that. But luckily seems everyone was very careful. The nature and place looks so gorgeous, but I probably would not like to live in such place, just thinking about winter, cold and you never know if there will be avalanche, I am not keen for such adventure.

Your photographs are really lovely, I am glad you shared them with us and also it is really nice to hear your thoughts and impressions.


thank you

I don't think I'd like living there either for the very same reason - probably ultra frozen winter

@englishtchrivy what an amazing ride you've had, my dear friend, the pictures are really very beautiful, it's true I never saw the same rails, very strange, it's good that you could take pictures of the three of those small windows, I want to imagine the situation when the train He turned on his side and everyone laughed, that would have been great.
Thank you very much for including us in this wonderful walk
I wish you a wonderful week


thank you

just try putting marbles in a glass and then shake it - something like that
or 10 waffle sticks in a glass jar then shake it :D
something like that except nothing got broken nor fractured among us :D

Dear Ivy,
your Switzerlandposts are really special, thanks :-)
Still I wish you a wonderful time and hope that you kept some small monsters in your mind to write about later on ;-)
Please give a wink to my brother who lives in one of those white/brown houses that become almost eaten by the mountain above...


thank you very much Chriddi
I had a great time

btw, you really don't have to miss my creepy crawlers posts
there are a lot of Steemians posting under the #insect and #bug
I recommend dropping by @sultan-aceh 's page for one

A stunning report, dear! I was not in Switzerland and it's nice to see the Alps with your eyes. 😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗


thank you :)

Fabulous shots great to check this out looks stunning :)

Really never seen the rail like that but... something similar. I think that's where they can switch tracks.


you're right, that part allows them to switch
but the whole rail looks like that
makes me wonder whether a choc got it's inspiration from those rails except for in the rail's case it would look like someone chopped their tips off
probably meant to allow the train to run on harsh winter days


Maybe you are referring to Toblerone. :-)


yes :)
dark please :)


I prefer dark too.

Wow! What an adventure!


Reading your story and keep smiling, even though I was not there to witness that memory tour! I wonder how would I act if I were you on that rail, will be awesome experience I guess, to do something unique is always what I always thought about, like it when you started taking shots from a window and later everyone else join you guys to did same!

With your last word's, it really a privilege for you to journey there and see those nice places, the mountains, rail's, caves etc. Many labours but wait not to reap their labour, that would not be our portion, it is always good to labour and see how results will turn out great! Well that is life, death is inevitable, memories of those who did great job will here to see and generation to comes..

Thanks for share @englishtchrivy