A Touch of Asia

in photography •  5 months ago

Have you ever been to any country in the EU or around it and felt like you were more of "in Asia" that abroad? This is exactly how I felt when I was walking around with my hubby looking for a place to perk ourselves up after a very heavy lunch.


Those shutters and the roofing sell it. Nope, it's not anywhere in Asia and no where in Asia have cowbells that big. Nor do our cows wear any of those in Asia but the cows here do and so do some of their windows so it seems.

Btw, I tried one on in a souvenir shop 7k feet up a mountain and they sure are very very heavy aside from they're very costly. The cheapest and the smallest costs €80 and the biggest was almost €200, yeah that pricey! I wonder how the cows manage to ring them still.


You know what, when I took this pic from the parking close to it, there were plenty of tourist taking pics of it, too both in front of that house and from the sides. That was quite a funny sight and when they realized that they were all standing there with their gadgets, doing that, they looked at each other, loled and some even compared pics. That time I caught myself "people watching."

Anyway, surprisingly, most of the houses here surely have a touch of Asian on them. Sure, the shutters don't but did you notice the carvings on the balcony and what probably is - the beam at the bottom. Those wood carvings on the gables, they look like those you'd see in mansions in Thailand.


Notice the carvings on the shutters on this one? That gives it another Asian appeal if I may say so.


The beams holding the roof, in general, they remind me of the old houses in Intramuros.


It's very unusual to find balcony walls with wood carvings here in the EU and whether its' cause of the modernization or not, I don't really know.


Even the pot holders on these balcony have an Asian appeal, don't you think?


Perhaps it was just me but hey, imho, even that shop, the hats they were selling and the way it was set up ... shouts - ASIAN, don't you think?

This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my D Eye and some with my smartphones.

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i like your photos

The hats yes...and the beams. Can't see anything else. Where is this? Dutchland?


lol , tag lola
long time no see
mabuhay ;)!


Oke lola. Musta ikaw? Di syado maganda dito.
Sent kita e-mail..nakita mo?


bakit d maganda
magulo n nmn b satin?
d me nagbbasa ng news

check ko mail now na hahah

edit: kachecheck ko p lng
log in k chat la


3 linggo na mama sa ospital lola...tas di sya nagaleng. steemchat??


ay sad nmn
are you alright?

yep here la


nakalimutan ko po p-word😅😂🤣

Thank you for posting @englishtchrivy.

What lovely photographs......and subject matter.

Appreciate you taking us along with you on your day-out. ^__^

Have no idea.....whether their ideas are related to/originally Asian ideas.....interesting to think on. From a design perspective....Western ideas with a bit of spice...that is Eastern ideas make things interesting....it adds surprise or an unexpected element.

Wishing you all the best mon ami.

A bientot.



Thank you

It's like a fusion :)
The beams, I forgot to mention, some boats and ships from long ago had that as well
I think Indo ships but am not sure anymore

Hi! You have noticed many interesting similarities with Asian culture and elements of traditions in architectural and everyday details. Great shots! I think that now often can be see such borrowing in interiors and registration of the homes some people. Maybe the more tourists visit these places, the more different cultures integrate into our lives. (Well, it's like one of the options). For example, in our city you can often see such details. Because we have a multi-ethnic population. People try to bring something of their culture and their national traditions. Thank you!


Thank you
Ah, I see so it's there, too :)

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You tried once means what? You wore the bell and walked?


yes, I tried one on my neck and danced
I got it on video but it really makes me look like an idiot
so am not sharing that hahaha
but you see I thought, everyone was just shaking 'em, ringing those bells
I thought the cows wore it, I wonder how that would feel oblivious that I have a thin neck hahahaha ^ ^
I wore the biggest - like those two at the end on that pic above
very very heavy :D


You should buy the ankle bracelets we Chinese buy for babies. :-)

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very nice photography