More of Mary....

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Remember that beautiful cat I shared with you guys a week or so ago?

I have more of those photos! Such a fat flurry cat! She is certainly very well fed at this beautiful hotel.


I like going here and sitting by the garden. At one time it was my fave chill spot but it is quite expensive in terms of their food and drinks, especially for someone like myself who's yet to have a stable source of income.


Mary seems to have been deep in thought on this one doesn't she?


or probably wondering about her friends or bf lol


All in all, this is one beautiful cat. If I was a cat person I'd definitely consider getting myself a Mary like this.


Let's close this up with a mean angry face shall we? :D

Angry but still cute to look at, in a way....

Have yourselves a great Tuesday Lads!

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Maybe her bf cheated on her... Poor Mary😂

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Oh yeeaah. Men are dogs!! 😂😂😂