Who creates the picture? Photographer, camera or the model?

in photography •  2 years ago

I've gone through thousands of posts online about this matter. Who is eventually the creator of the picture? The photographer, the camera or the model? There are a lot of opinions each with it's own logic behind it. Some say it is the photographer who creates the picture but I have to disagree with that as the photographer is just the trigger that finalizes the last event -the capture. Maybe it is the model who is the main subject of the picture and thus there could be nothing without her participation? Maybe, and maybe not as she is technically just reflecting the light thats captures be the camera. Maybe that's the camera doing the job? (as most of my clients think lol) But wait, it just saves/interprets what was there at the given moment of the time. You know where I'm slowly going right? Nope I'm not gonna say that:) it not the combination of 3. I think it's deeper than that.
I think a photograph is the result of something that was meant to happen for a fraction of a second and the file/print is the trail that you can see for a finite number of times in your life. The whole universe ended up in one photograph for a moment. Everyone and everything took part in it.

I apologize for this crazy thoughts:)
Photograph by me, enjoy:)


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Im going to agree with you there. Im an artist and never really know what im drawing or painting until its done. Something happens in the process and i get lost in it. The result is never what i purposely set out to do. I believe the moment was captured.
Great post. Thanks more giving me something to ponder today :)

Wauw, stunning!