Spring coming late here in Alberta, Canada! Sun out now and the warm air feels great! Here's a couple photos from the foothills to the Rockies!!

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So much for Apirl showers bring may flowers! Going to have to wait a few weeks here. I noticed the snow melting and the grass is already green underneath! Still not sure if I can put my snow shovel aways! Anyway, wanted to share a few photos with you steemit. What a difference a little warm air can have!




Thanks for stopping by and your support! Make sure to say hello if I should be supporting you as well. I am hoping to free up from the day job in a month or so and hope to be contributing some substance to the blockchain! Untell next time!!

April 17/2018

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I have been to a place where it snows. This looks so amazing!

excellent photography!

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Great pics looks so nice there, I live in the south of spain and it's 20°C it is so hot already wouldn't mind going to Alberta for a couple days!!

I live in the US, North Dakota and we also still have some snow on the ground. The temperatures are a little warmer this week but still below freezing at night. I think we might see Spring in May. :)

beautiful scenery

beautiful pictures, nice getting to know you on this platform

Yeah.... crazy spring out east here in Ontario. Not sure I am going to bother opening the pool this year.

Our snow in southern Wisconsin has finally melted and the feeling of spring is in the air. Hoping for a few April showers today! Great photos!