Auckland by night 🌇 🛥️ 🌙

in photography •  last year 


Hi, as I mentioned in one of the previous posts, Auckland has the most boats in relation to the city's population. The promenade impresses with its beauty, especially at night. We came across regatta and live music that day.
Being in such places is a real pleasure! :)

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wuao is a pretty show photo amiga

Thanks :)

Great view of the night city.
And the boats are just amazing, @dominik.homa

How beautiful, it really impresses.

This image is very beautiful. Really the boats and their lights are incredible, friend.

Its pretty cool @dominik.homa, The atmosphere in the night I felt it from the picture, Awesome place to enjoy our holiday...

Oh God!!! It is amazing

Yah, Auckland must really be a place of pleasure because the night view looks beautiful.