Beautiful evening landscapes - Daily My Pictures

in photography •  last year


Hi Steemians,

this is my contribution to today's #landscape, with photographs of landscapes in the evening. I especially like the scenery when the sun goes down. I'll be glad if you liked my photos. I wish everyone good luck in the future Steemit, I hope we will continue to develop together.




Thanks for viewing and support

Camera: NIKON D3300 - Photos by @dolov


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They have a very calming effect.


Thanks for comment, friend!

Thanks for the perfect post! @dolov



beautiful landscape pictures, thanks for sharing.
they look like painting.


Thank you for comment

Nice shots. You really captured them well. Thanks for sharing

The last picture is very beautiful You can enjoy the blue and purple gradient in a charming scene


Yes! Thx

Cool! I liked

I can see your nikon works very well :-)


Yes! Thank you