The road and the stream

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Moving on the National Road 258 we have seen different seasons on a short distance of 27 km. From summer greens on the beginning to snowy winter with a ski resort closer to the end and the summer again down in the valley.

Photo by Dmytro Korol
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Camera: SONY NEX-6
Lens: Sony E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS
Focal Length: 16.0
Aperture: F11.0
ISO: 100
Other: HDR

About the place

wikipedia: County Road 258, also known as Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, is a 27-kilometre (17 mi) long road that runs through the Videdalen valley between the village of Grotli in Skjåk Municipality and the village of Ospeli in Stryn Municipality. The road opened in 1894, but was replaced by National Road 15 in 1977 as the main route between the Nordfjord region and Eastern Norway. The road is closed from October to June and is designated

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yes nice :)

follow you and vote nice post thanks.

The landscapes you focus on are sensational, I love them. Congratulations!!

Thanks a lot!

Beautiful ! :)

Wow, what a view!.. just an amazing shot. <3

woww amazing click.... thanks for sharing

I love the depth of this picture, both the depth of the valley below and the peaks of the mountains with the layers of snow and the stream.

It's quite lovely.

Beautiful view and greetings from Schwitzerland ❄️🙂IMG_0018.JPG

That is breathtaking. What a great place to stand and look. I would sit there for hours. The world is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing
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I love the depth of this picture

Nice shot, very amazing details

amazing... nice shot

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Dear very nice.

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Wow, you really got good skills in photography. I hope I could learn from you :) by the way, where exactly is this photo taken?

Very nice pictures!

Thanks for your upvote! Followed and upvoted you!



Fantastis @ dmytrokorol (58)

Lovely picture on a good content. Well-done.

Wow. This is intense. I love how the white goes into an intense azure blue there at the end. Very well done.

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Awesome capture and great view!!

Thanks Sergio!

hello dear @dmytrokorol
All your posts are good, which can be learned a lot, thank you.

Very nice place and great photography. You realy master your camera!

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