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Well I spontaneously came up with this idea as a lot of pics I take have nothing to do with Jamaica and Reggae. But then I thought even though the pic has nothing to do with Reggae I could find a way to relate it.

Then I came up with the name “APART” short for “ (A pic & A Reggae Tune) but also meaning the two are apart.

For this pic shot in the hills between Gunma & Niigata prefecture Japan, it was easy to relate a reggae song. Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross.

Many Rivers to cro~ss but I can’t seem to find my way ....

This is a classic song and at first glance may not even sound like Reggae but listen out for the one drop. This is when reggae was being defined from all the influences from world music and becoming its own thing . This song was released in 1969 and it’s one of those tunes that last an eternity. Not sure where this performance took place, but it’s not Jamaica.


I challenge you to do an APART post, hehehe let’s see how creative you can get! Tag me and get JAHM Votes.

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It's certainly better than just leaving a link to a song.

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Yeah especially if the link is only accompanied by 2 lines 😄

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Oh nice, this makes a whol lot of sense, I will definitely put my hands on it. Geat idea

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Thank you @dimples ( glad your name is so easy to remember ) looking forward to see what you come up with😁

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This is great and I love the song! I will try to see what I can come out with!
Jah bless Ya Bredda

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Nice @samest I’m looking forward to it😁 bless up!

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