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RE: Photo Plagiarism - How To Avoid It - Original Photography

in #photography7 years ago

Thanks! I know you have done your bit too. Every now and again, I feel like I have to say something. More and more photographers are joining, so I think the noise is going to get louder! I came across that person too. I too was stunned! It's definitely the age of entitlement! Thanks for the resteem! By the way, we named our cat in the photo Tessie, after the village of Portessie next to Buckie, my home town! :-)


aww that's a lovely name! Yes I think the more photographers that join and write about copyright the better. Its a constant learning process as new people join who are ignorant of the law. One can only hope they listen.

Unfortunately, many are treating Steemit like Facebook. That's the reality they know. They don't realize that the Photography tag is reserved for original photography only.@steemcleaners is strict about that one!, although the copyright material is never removed. At least they are warned and perhaps flagged.

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