Dangerous experience on the ice today! wow

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

Danger! Thin Ice

Today I went out to take some pictures of the lake near my house and ventured in to dangerous territory. The ice was slippery and the air was cold enough to take your breath away, (-12) As I wandered out further and further on to the ice, I suddenly heard a bellowing Crrrraaaa! The ice began to crack!

Unbeknown to me their was a current underneath that hadn't completely frozen. As I edged nearer to the open water I felt the soft snow give way as my foot went cracking through the Ice. i quickly leaned back to fall flat on my back with one leg in the ice cold water, i didn't want to move, I feared falling through the ice/. As I slowly pulled my foot out of the hole my other foot started going through as well so i turned to my stomach and clawed on to the ice. Luckily I was able to slither away from the hole without going right through. i was lucky this time, Next time I think I'll wear my float suit! lmao






Never seen anyone dirtbiking on snow/ice before. Interesting! Make video next time!

you've never driven a dirtbike on Ice?? that's odd

you've never driven a dirtbike on Ice?? that's odd

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