The magic of the landscape captured in the beautiful images of Cuma Cevik

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The magic of the landscape captured in the beautiful images of Cuma Cevik

Surely landscape photography is one of the most practiced disciplines in the whole world by photographers who with their camera want to capture all the beauty that there is in our planet. However, rarely do photographs distill magic like those of Cuma Cevik, a Turkish photographer who studied painting but has finally devoted himself to photography and travel.

1366_2000 (1).jpg

Cuma is defined in his Instagram profile as an adventurer and photographer, and in fact, besides traveling around the world, he is dedicated to organizing trips for tourists in search of spectacular scenery to photograph. Beginning with those of his homeland, Turkey, rich in natural landscapes (that's where his vocation came from), and continuing through places like Jordan, Faroe Islands, Vietnam or Italy, which are some of the places he has traveled looking to capture all its natural beauty in photographs like the ones you are seeing.

1366_2000 (2).jpg

In them of course there is something magical, something that very probably has to do with that pictorial training that has helped your photographs captivate at first sight. A knowledge that has helped him to compose images of great beauty, highlighting the vibrant green color of the hills and valleys that appear, or the perfect positioning of the sun to create unique atmospheres.

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1366_2000 (4).jpg

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Wow really beutiful @defelices5000 😍👍

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