Ocean TwoFace

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Some morning fog made this cool effect. I need to get a better camera because you can't see the fog only the effect it has on the water.

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The water form is very beautiful and also unique, the clouds in the sky also look friendly and exert its effect on the water so this view looks very calm and charming.

Yes, really I can't see the fog. Actually the photo even look very bright.

What is the name of this sea @dhenz?

The eyes will always see more I think. Even when I cannot see the fog, the image is good.

Yeah you're right I can't see the fog I can only see the bubbles and lather on the water, what's the current camera you're using? And what's the type you're planning to get?

love to see this ocean picture
great click

The view is looking really great awesome shot you captured there :D

Crazy b/c it's also been foggy in our part of the world which is many miles away. We need sunshine!!