The Blur of City Life! Seoul.

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Bustling Seoul Life


Nikon D5300 | 35mm Prime | Dongdaemun, Seoul

Recently I've been back in the photo-taking mood, and nearly every night I've been heading out to take photos. I study all morning just so I can have free time at night to explore (and photograph new places) around the amazing, bustling, and beautiful city of Seoul.

Usually I go somewhere cool and new when I head out, but there are also times when I just can't be bothered going far, or climbing a big hill for that amazing skyline view. Sometimes, the most simple and common things in our lives can provide the best photo subjects.


Nikon D5300 | 35mm Prime | Dongdaemun, Seoul

While these photos may not be either the most simple or the most common things, it is something I hardly need to leave my house to do! There are cars everywhere, roads everywhere, and long-exposure opportunities abound!

After animal photography, taking long exposures has become a close second in my favourite style of photography. There is something so relaxing about being able to sit back and just press a button every 30 seconds. It's relaxing, and provides lots of time for me to ponder whatever is on my mind. Further, it gets me outside... I always want to find that better spot! Usually all that stops me is a dead battery (WiFi and long exposure drains it faaaast!).


Nikon D5300 | 35mm Prime | Dongdaemun, Seoul

Further, it's also a cool way to just sit back and watch life. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and watch people going about their lives... Buses driving past, people shopping, children running. There's always something happening, and sometimes taking a step backwards from life is what we all need.


Nikon D5300 | 35mm Prime | Dongdaemun, Seoul

I hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! While they are a way to relax and think about life, they are also rather stressful to get right at times... Stupid cars!! Why can't they just go the way you want?

All images are my property and where taken and edited by myself

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I've never used Wi-Fi to transfer pictures. I think it's easier and faster to move the SD card from the camera to the computer, and it saves the battery!
Nice shots! I wish I had a tripod to do some long exposure shots myself.


I actually don't use it to transfer the pictures as much as being able to use my phone for a trigger. I could use the countdown, but it gives me less flexibility if I see a perfect shot that I want right now!