BUD’n’BURGER 🍔 The best way to react on low Steem price

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A Budweiser and a Burger goes well together


Self made Burger

This is always the best choice, but you need to have the time. See how our burgers 🍔 look like today.

All parts are home made but we didn’t raise the cow.

The Grill

An old gas grill is a good machine to have the right heat and the ability to lower the heat when needed.


low heat

After a short time a lot heat, we pull down the temp and give the burger patties some time.

But first another Bud

The other day I found a six pack from the b.original from Budweiser and I really enjoy the little bitter taste from this beer.


A fair drinking beer

See what rate beer says about that special Budweiser.


Beer & BBQ

To keep the beef juicy, you may add a bit Bud.

7ED216D0-026E-4970-BFC9-5592E019CB2F.gif by Budweiser

BBQ results

After some time with a Bud at the BBQ here are the tasty results.

Spicy red pepper cheese burger


Really Spicy 🌶 chilly cheese burger


The result

Yummy looking Burger.


The cut

The moment when you look inside the just prepared burger - perfect!

and not to much from that dangerous green stuff.


Steemit bottle and BUD

For the photo session a black and often used water bottle from SteemFest Lisbon jumped into that picture.


The perfect way to open a bottle

This internet found made me smile and it fit so wonderful into this story.


Enjoy your day,
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and steem on!

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Seeeeehr geil Detlev 👌perfekte Kombination 💪 Ich empfehle zu Burger geräucherten Käse, cheddar oder Gouda sind meine Favs. Letzteren habe ich zufällig gerade im Angebot pfeift 😁
Grüße Meiner 👍


Jepp, da bin ich bei Dir denn da lag auch Gouda drauf!!

A bud!!!!

Wow, I had expected so fancy thing to go with this fancy burger man!
Nevertheless...its a nice and warm sunny wednesday, enjoy this neverending summer!


Sometimes, after to many Belgian beers, even a bud "b-original" is a nice taste.

anyway, the focus was defenitly on the #Burger

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It seems a bit of a waste of a beer, but the burger looks great!!


If the burger is better with beer...

who cares, was only a Bud ;-)

Wow! I would pay 50steem for that awesome looking burger😉