Let's enjoy the little moments of happiness❤

in #photography2 months ago


Looking for some photos on my cell phone and I saw this image and see how happy I look. There are many people who do not like to celebrate their birthday. But I love it, despite what is happening. At least this year with all the quarantine problem; I know we are not for parties or family gatherings. But I can still have a cake and a photo and most of all thank God and the universe for the 365 day opportunity to achieve my goals.

I remember that this photo is from two years ago. And most of my family was together, but today the majority is outside the country. But what I really appreciate is having my mom. Whoever has his mother nearby is the happiest human being that exists, my mother would like to give me so many things and she cannot. But what she doesn't know is that having her by my side is the greatest gift I have in my life.

Yesterday I had a problem with the money I had collected, let's see how things are going this week to see if I can make my birthday cake. How have you celebrated your birthday in quarantine?


This is how happiness looks a bit. Lots of chocolate and lots of Italian meringue.

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