The Orb Weaver Spider - Beware and Admire!

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Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Orb Weaver Spider! Okay, I present more of the Orb Weaver Spider web. I was able to get a few great photos of one. I had been eye-ing it for a couple of days but I just couldn't get it to show up well in my photos but (lucky me and lucky you) I went out one morning and the sunlight was hitting it at the perfect time and I got the photos to show off what a work of art the the Orb Weaver Spider produced.


There are over 2800 species of Orb Weavers. Thank goodness they are not aggressive and will normally shy away from people. Their webs though are truly a work of art and can be quite large.


The web in this photo was close to 3 feet by 3 feet. The spider is on the web but doesn't show up very well. It was a little hard trying to focus in on it and when I got too close, the spider would shy away.


I did get a photo of another Orb Weaver Spider that was nearby though. The photos of the other spider aren't great but I figured the web photos would make up for it and (hey) I gotta save some really good spider photos for #macrophotography! 😉


Here is one that might be good enough to print out. Why would you want to print it out? take with you when you take the kids or grandkids trick or treating. That way you will know what to look out for and not walk through one of those big wonderful works of art. Ahhh...nevermind! Chances are you will have already walked through the web and felt it before ever seeing the occupant (as @deerjay wrings her hands and laughs in a cackling way)! 🤣







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Thank you very much @pixresteemer!! Very much appreciated!! 😊

Congratulations on these photos and on the writing. It was like a part of a book. Some parts of the text was funny to read. I call !trdo to support you for your work and effort. By the way, I see the "halloween" in the tags. Will you dress as an Orb Weaver Spider? :D

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Thanks so much @trendotoken and @xplosive!! 😊

Thank you so much @xplosive!! I am so happy that you enjoyed my post! Lol..I did once dress as a spider. It was a costume I made myself many many moons ago. 🕷️ 😉

Ooo, creepy cool @deerjay!

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Thank you so much @traciyork!! I know right?! 🙂

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Thanks so much @esteemapp!! Appreciate it!! 🙂

Great capture of the web and spider.. Webs I would think can be hard to photograph...

Thank you very much @manorvillemike!! They sure are! I was lucky to see it that morning and the sun was shining on it in a perfect way to have it show up. 😊

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Thank you so much @c-squared!! Much appreciated!! 🙂

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Thank you very much @trendotoken!! :)

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Awesome!! Thanks so much @creativecrypto..much appreciated!! 🙂