Exotic plant - PALM YUCA

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Juka her exotic beauty makes it look great in a modern interior.
The Latin name for this exotic plant is yucca.


It belongs to the agave family, it has about 50 species of perennials, shrubs and trees.
It comes from semi-arid areas of South and Central America and the arid regions of the United States.

Appearance description

The garden is made up of beautiful, tall, white inflorescences, but in the apartment they bloom very rarely.

  • have hard, sword-shaped leaves ended with a sharp spike and collected in dense rosettes
  • bell-shaped flowers, in white or cream color
  • older plants produce a branched trunk.


  • needs a lot of light, tolerates direct sunlight
  • it is good to put it in a secluded, sunny place in the air
  • staying in too dark places disappear over time
  • prefer sandy and permeable soil
  • the substrate should be constantly slightly moist
  • we replant in spring once in 2-3 years, when the roots fill the pot completely
  • use multi-component liquid fertilizers.



soft bacterial rot

  • a very dangerous case of this disease
  • leaves turn brown from the root to the top and give off an unpleasant odor
  • you should throw away the plant and it can not be saved

spot blotch

  • spots on the leaves, initially gray or brown, sometimes darkening
  • spray with Biosept Active alternating with Score 250 EC or Topsin M 500 SC fungicide.
  • spray with these products outside of the home.

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