Wow, The Most Exciting Crypto Of The World!

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01 20190615_195612a.jpg

I got it, finally, I have the most exciting coin in the world. V=Vow. V=Vin. Such nice crypto. Market-dogecoinization 399 million dollars, 3-4 times more than Steem. Really! I Have seen on

02 20190615_160555.jpg

Doge gives me power. I can open the wine bottle much better if I have more Doge-power. (DP.)

03 20190615_160631.jpg
And the beer bottle, too.

04 20190615_160745.jpg
Doge is a hard copy of Bitcoin. Doge and Bitcoin are connected. Bitcoin up, Doge up, jump, you know?

05 20190615_194210a.jpg
One Dogecoin is always one Dogecoin worth. The perfect measure of value. No doubts. Better than gold. Gold is much very volatile.

06 20190615_194844a.jpg
Time is working for Dogecoin. As you can see in the picture.

07 20190615_195315a.jpg
Aladdin’s lamp was powered by Dogecoin and the jinn was a Shiba Inu dog. Of course. A genie.

08 20190615_201843.jpg
Dogecoin makes BANG!

09 20190615_201745.jpg
Dogecoin makes BIG BANG!

10 20190615_201530.jpg
Dogecoin makes BIG BIG BANG!

11 20190615_201948.jpg
Dogecoin starts your engines.

12 20190615_202202a.jpg
Doge enlightens, illuminates. Illuminati are dead. Doge alive. And much coins.

13 20190615_202400.jpg
Dogecoin loves nature. Nature loves Doge. No more global warming if you use Dogecoin.

14 20190615_202855.jpg
Doge loves Berlin, Berlin loves Doge and beer. And I love all the three.

15 20190616_164104.jpg
Doge loves Heisenberg. Walter loves Doge. I love sugar. And Doge.

That’s all, friends, for today. So much money. So much Engine. Bye.

Oh, no. I forgot the button. No FUD, please, Doge is more worth than a button!

16 20190625_121616a.jpg

Download all public domain photos here, zipped

(IPFS hash)

About this photo series project

Illustrating cryptocurrency-related articles, blog posts is not easy, because cryptos have no physical form, no material appearance. They exist only in the form of computer data and algorithms. Photo stock vendors mostly have pictures about Bitcoin but nothing or only very few about other cryptocurrencies, like Steem.

As a collector of commemorative crypto-coins, I decided to take photos of my collection and share them with others. I declare them public domain, please feel free to use them and copy, share, modify. Download the photos from IPSF above for better resolution.

Equipment: Sony A500 camera and a Sigma 105 mm macro lens, common Samsung phone. (For more data, see the Exif information.)

Previous parts of this photo series:


I love this! Haha! 😂 Dogecoin is definitely my favorite coin! Even more so now that I’ve seen this! :)

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And it is also your best friend! What else can you ask for?

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