Wonderful Buddha enthroned on the hills of Ceylon

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The meditating Buddha on top of Kandy

“The essence of Buddhism is to avoid all that is evil, to embrace all that is good, and to purify one’s mind.“

(The Dhammapada).


Bahiravokanda vihara Buddha statue lies within few meters from Peradeniya is a huge concrete religious monument. It is one of the numerous things to be toured and experienced in Kandy.
The Buddha statue is 88 feet in height and is this far one of the biggest Buddha’s of Ceylon.
We had to climb a few stairs to this calm and peaceful spot arranged by the Buddhist monks of Sri lanka. Once arrived on the top of the hill, one can feel the beautiful calm and peaceful atmosphere. Even though you can see the white colored Buddha statue made on the hill at a large distance. Certainly, it can be seen from almost anywhere in Kandy city.
A panoramic view of the Kandy city has appeared on top of the bahivara kanda Hill.


Bahiraviokanda vihara Buddha statue is one of the tallest and beautiful Buddha statues in Sri lanka. The hill where the statue was built called bahirava kanda, in Sinhalese it means the devil’s hil. A stairway beside with the statue can be climbed for a greater height.


Many different hand gesture placements are known of Buddha’s, with each of them having a different meaning. The Bahiravokanda Buddha represents the meditating Buddha gesture, also known as Dhyana Mudra.
What is Dhyana Mudra? Dhyana, or Samadhi mudra, is the hand gesture that promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy.
The circling of energy created by the triangle, formed when the thumbs of the two hands touch, also promotes a cleansing of any impurities on an etheric level. By looking at this Buddha hand gesture you are able to connect to the energy of deep peace and serenity.


This was definitely a highlight of our trip through Ceylon and my favorite place of Kandy.

Thank you for reading and taking your time!

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I love the orange tones in these pictures @ddot! The statue looks extra big when shot from its bottom and that makes it even more impressive, I like it!

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