Deep Breaths :: Beautiful Japan #58

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An annoyed monk or a peaceful monk? You decide!

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Does his expression look a little irate to you? It does to me. Maybe the other monks were picking on him.

That isn't a cape, but rather a bib. Many Buddhist and Shinto statues have bibs. It is due to Jizō's association with protecting children.

Combine his annoyed look and the bib resting on his shoulder like a cape, and he almost looks like some crazed supervillian. I'll make those monks pay! They'll be sorry.

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Definitely not a happy nose there.

That was my thought as well. Angry fella.

Hold the flippin phone! Are you still shooting film!?? You just melted my photographer heart dbooster.

Man, I love film. Esp older medium format cameras. I have my favorite: my Rollei, and my other favorite: my Holga. Such a shitty camera, but yet... so much fun to use. If I had a bigger house and older kids, I would make a darkroom. Are you a film guy?

You've got a Holga? Those are awesome. I remember a buddy had one back in the day we messed around with; nothing says artsy photographer like shooting a less common film format in a piece of plastic that gives you "unique" light leak marks.

I still have my twin lens medium format camera, but I recall back when I was using it something broke and it wouldn't properly advance film. I got some wonderful images with that camera. My bedroom in high school could quickly be converted into a darkroom in two steps. I sold the enlarger and all the gear after I got married and realized I didn't have the time to use it.

I also still have my SX70, not that I'd ever buy film for it. I've got a lot of unique film cameras actually... I think I should make a post about it! An ode to film.

So to answer your question: I haven't shot film in YEARS, but I'm very familiar and very fond of it, so I'd consider myself very much a film guy.

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