Canadian Rockies

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Here are a few more pics from the Bow Valley, located in Banff National Park. These photos were captured from the Vermillion Lakes road which Runs parallel to the Trans Canada highway #1, beside the town of Banff. The name “Bow” is derived from the reeds that grow along the Bow river, used by the local Nakoda to make bows. Have you been to the Bow Valley?


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OMG this is wonderful!!! I wanna visit those places one day. Btw, my upvote doesn't worth anything 'cuz I'm a newbie here, but I'm posting this comment as a support. If you want, you can check my introduction post and leave me some feedback. And yeah, I'm 17 :) PEACE!

Appreciate the support!
I’ll follow your blog, best of luck to you!

water and mountains... perfect combination!

WOW these are actually breathtaking. As a Floridian it's so crazy to imagine that mountains exist like that for real. Thank you for sharing!

You’ll have to come up here sometime!
Thanks for looking

Great shots indeed! I like the abundance of green color, it reminds me of my own country.

Wow hmmmmm
Amazing photos @daveks
I've following cos I get joy anytime you share these live photos wit us

Thanks for looking!

Nice photography dear keep it up I always wait for your posts

Who's having all the fun on the pier? Great shots as usual!

Must be my kid!
Thanks for looking

Oh that rundle always looking so awesome.

Never get tired of Mount favourite mountain!

this is very good my friend @daveks.
keep on sharing, I am very comforted.

your welcome, keep friends sharing.

Thanks to the great photography for you to share such beautiful photos among us

I'm going to BC this summer. You're gettin' me super excited about the trip!

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