Black and White

in photography •  last year


"You don't take a photograph, you make it"- Ansel Adams


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge




Rocky Mountains!

Sony A77


Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!

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Nice Pics and great quote. Cheers


Thanks @liberian and love Ansel Adams!

woww, excellent photographs


Thanks for looking @goldenroom :D

Nice B&W! The first one is my favourite

I love how the eyes are drawn into the picture and down the road in the first one.

Yes, you made them always! :)


@tangmo as always thanks!


As always, you're welcome! ;)

Great photos! Cheers to you; upvoting for creating and sharing your own work!


Appreciate that @dawnmarie and thanks!

That beautiful Adams quote should apply to ALL areas of Life!!

I love the pictures. Thank you!

I have always perfered black and white photos. Third one is pretty amazing. Good work.


There's something special about black and white @raybrockman and thanks!

Awesome shots! I like the first one more though. It is nice how the power lines and the road guide your gaze towards the center of the image and to the horizon, where they rest and fall back. Good composition!


Appreciate the kind words @creutzy thanks for your support!

I wonder what miracles Ansel would pull with modern photo-technology, if he was alive. DPS.


Good question.. maybe nothing at all would change @photo-trail!

These are amazing photos!


very interesting pictures :)


you are welcome :)