Little Fluffy Pigtails’ Trip to the Vet/ Macrophotography

in #photography3 years ago

Macrophotograpy of Happy’s pigtails😆

Happy and I went to the veterinarian today to make her a doggie euro passport, so she can travel whenever we do in Europe, and a health certificate that allows us to arrange an insurance for her, because vet services in Sweden are extremely expensive, like even more expensive than human health services.One x-ray costs 12 thousand krona which is approximately 1400 dollars 😳 So yeah, it’s smart to do all these things😁


We had to take two buses to the veterinarian place, which are by the way pet friendly!It was not a big deal like it was in China, where bus drivers wouldn’t even open the door if I was holding Happy in my hands😂

The whole procedure took maybe 40 minutes, taking also into consideration the fact that the vet couldn’t find her microchip for 10 minutes so it would probably take only 30 minutes)))

The trains in Sweden are also pet friendly, they have special wagon with a dog 🐕 picture on which means pets are allowed to travel in it.Pretty cool;)

(The picture was taken on the bus on my IPhone6 for today’s #macrophotography)


A very enjoyable trip can bring your pet.

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