That Moment You Discover There Is Still Something Left To Smoke 😅 Legalization In Canada Has Been Rough!

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Mel was hunting around everywhere for something, anything, to smoke and happened to find a half doobie from who knows how many moons ago.

Better than nothing right?

Our normal supplier is out of town for the weekend and late to return home so we intended to stop at the local dispensary only to find out it was raided last Thursday and will remain closed till license approval.

Sad state of affairs with legalization, only one legal shop in all of Victoria and they do not sell concentrates for smoking. The bud is nice, may go pick something up to get through the day but not my usual weeks supply as it’s cheapest $10/gram which will double my cost on an oz.

I wonder what will happen with these shops? I have heard rumour of shop limits and allowance of products, will concentrates be sold? I see edibles eg pills & oils but what about the good stuff like brownies and gummies?

This transition time is the last of the grey area for black market products to make it into the public market shelves but has this whole process of legalization with those shops being open selling illegal products further complicated the creation of laws and the enforcement of them?

I do believe it has further complicated everything with the added bureaucracy and that we will most likely see a complete lock down on THC being allowed into food stuffs other than proper pharmaceuticals, Canadian Food Certification is one of the hardest I have read.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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In cape town its legal to grow it yourself for consumption but you cannot sell it, but yeah who was going to listen to that? lol it's pretty much freely available and just a text message away, some sell, others just give it away makes it pretty easy if you like to smoke

Same here we just do not have anywhere outdoors or indoors to do it 😅 4 plants so once we have a place we will be able to try various strains not normally available 🤞

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or that moment when you find a surprise stash or joint lol

Yea it was definitely a pleasant surprise for her 😜

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I've been wondering if there would still be pushers for weed with the legalization and being allowed to grow up to 4 plants. I don't know the laws when it comes to buying from them and I know it's getting a lot more scarier to buy from them with the whole fentynol story.

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Most definitely will be as the black market more adaptable for beating market prices. It’s all about sourcing, the people you goto must be at a level of knowing growers first hand not some street thug whom could have thrown the bud in a contaminated bag.

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Those are the ones to be weary of.

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