The Honey Season Has Arrived, FINALLY!!!

in photography •  13 days ago 

Hey everyone, FINALLY, WOW, what a wait that was... 9 month wait at that. For some or other reason we have had no honey for months. Suspected to be the low rainfall in the area the last season which generally results in the honey season starting much later as it has this year.

This however is a very good sign, VERY BUSY BEES. We inspected a few hives tonight and hey presto harvested around 15 kgs I shall post some pics of that coming soonest.

This is what bees do when they are veraciously foraging nectar we have literally not seen this in months, exciting times have returned.....

Be sure to stay tuned for more of me epic bee-keeping adventures and have an amazing weekend.


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Honeybees are awesome! So important for the ecosystems they're part of, which is almost all ecosystems in the world.
A lot of vegans don't use honey, because bees are insects (animals), and honey is their spit/vomit. Personally, my veganism is based in ethics, not rigid rules like "all animal products are bad". What harm is done to the bees, in collecting their honey? Assuming it isn't over-harvested, of course! I can't see any harm. And so, when honey shows up on an ingredient list, I don't necessarily shun that food as most vegans would. I don't buy honey, but I'll eat it!
Another point on honey. Most honey in grocery stores now isn't actually honey! It's sugarwater with thickener, dye, and honey flavouring. Sometimes it's corn syrup! Gross. This is true for most mass-produced honeys nowadays, especially for anything imported from China.
Anyhow, nice to see the bees in your area are doing alright! Thanks for building them somewhere to hang out :)

Brother bees have just been recently classified as the most important beings on Earth. They say within 4 years of them dying out we are done. I agree... Bee-keeping is really amazing honey a bonus and as you say raw pure honey as ours is, is very scarce and hard to get, unless you have bees... Cheer$;)

was just watching some raw honey harvesting videos the other day, love it!

We did that last night. Today we spin... We work bees at night only they are far calmer, albeit I got stung last night through my gloves even, sigh.. Cheer$;)

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