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in #photography4 years ago

I've been curious about the monochrome and black and white photos I've been seeing on Steemit for a while and wanted to see if I could produce something as well.

This is my first attempt.

I am definitely open to suggestions. Thanks for looking!

photos by
taken with Nikon D3100


You did great such cool silhouettes in the first and nice soft background in the second :)

Thanks @tattoojay....I liked the silhouettes too....but the photo seems flat? I also like the soft background on the second with the detailed leaves. I guess there are different ways of producing these depending on the subject.

I don't see the first on as flat at all, I find it interesting for sure

the nice tight focus selection gave that soft background for the second which is excellent

Always good to have another set of eyes and perspective, thank you so much.:)

Your welcome 👍

I really really like the first one, good job :)

I kind of do as's like a silhouette. Thank you for viewing them.

Love the birds!!

Oh hi @mariannewest. Thanks .... I kind of like that one too.

I like both photos but the first reminds me of a tapestry with the shadowy birds and the tracery of branches

Oh...good one. A tapestry. Thanks!

Thanks for your input...much appreciated!

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Your business is good, cool

Wonderful! I especially like the tonality and details in the photo of the leaves.

Thanks @edward.maesen. I checked out your blog - you are a professional photographer no? Thank you for your detailed comment.

I'm flattered that you think I might be a professional photographer, but I don't make a living with my photography so I am a seasoned amateur at best :)

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Hello, ​@countrygirl, Cool first attempt. I like the way the birds are placed on the tip of the branches. Did you shoot them directly on B&W mode in camera or did you use silverefex to convert them?

Actually I used a photo edit - Photoshop. It's fun to play around with the different hues, even in black and white. Thanks for stopping by to check them out for me.

You are welcome. You should try silver efex pro plugin for Photoshop it is a ​cool tool.

I just looked that up, never heard of it before. I like what it can do. Once I "master" the basics on Photoshop I'll take a look at it - maybe get a trial copy of it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I believe you produced a couple of splendid photos here. Shots like these, simple in nature yet complex in mood, move me and stir something within. Excellent!

Aw. thanks @tinajordan. You've given me a boost of encouragement.

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I love the first shot! If it was me, I would have made the birds and the branches completely black. I tend to like pitch-black silhouettes :) Anyway, awesome shot!

I'll have to try to darken them up to see what you are seeing with your mind's eye. Thanks for your suggestion and encouragement @irreverent-dan.

Nice picture! I hope to see more from you. Keep Steeming!

Thanks @firepower. Glad you liked it.

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