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Good morning;

Here sharing the natural health benefits of BLUE TERNATE FLOWERS, NATURAL MEDICINE. Earlier my wife harvesting my garden in front of the house. As you can see this flower is not only a natural flower, the flower you saw is brought more benefits and this is my daily juice even my son he likes it for his daily learning and advances mined collaboration. This flower helps my son fast learning because of the flower benefits, brain enhancer and not that just I'll show you later what is the benefits of these flowers.
Before my wife harvest, the flower she takes a photo first before she starts collecting the flowers.
Just take a look at how lovely the flower is, The flower blesses by the power of nature.
So who wants to take some natural medicine come and get it I will give it for free. Blue Ternate or other called Butterfly Pea is the rare natural medicine here in our place. Most of the people love to plant this plant but sad to say the flower is hard to find. You can find this flower on the top high angle barangays located at Bagong-Silang Macrohon, Southern Leyte. I know the road going to the barangays is not accessible even a single bike it is really hard to get thought to the barangay if you are not a pro rider you will be in danger. Lucky me my office mate brought me seeds, my office mate live barangays bagong-silang he is a farmer and he's the co-owner of the farm called HAPPY FARM and this is one of the most variety farms in the whole Macrohono. Including these flowers and much more, If you want to try is to see or witness how wonderful the happy farm is. Come and visit Bagong-Silang and you can see the beautiful assorted plants.
Blue Ternate with Coffee This is how my coffee starts with love. I called this one Coffee with Blue ternate.
And this one is for my son, his mother always preparing his daily juice. And my son loves it, he really likes the taste of the flower, sometimes he eats the flower because he loves the taste, he said to taste like a peanut. Yes, the taste is like peanut the sweetened peanut.
This is for my son breakfast, honestly, every recipe blue ternate sis fit to the taste whatever you want to experiment still the flower show the true color. Sometimes I put the flower on the rice, so meaning I have black rice and Blue rice hahaha... What do you think and the most is the rice full of benefits brought of the blue ternate flowers. I called this one scramble egg with a blue ternate.

Please watch the video courtesy to my wife @dcrealyn, here you can see how the easy procedure.

Health benefits of BLUE TERNATE FLOWERS.

Improves eyesight
Anticancer and tumor
Anti HIV
Anti asthma
Reduces stress
Skin disease
Youthful skin
Boost brain function
Improves hair growth
Reduces fever.

Blue Ternate flower on hot water.. 4 to 5 flowers or more flowers in one glass ..((5 glasses or more in one-day depends on as you can drink ))... 😇

Thank you

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Wow! Thats a beautiful flower with some serious benefits! Ive never heard of this type before. Which part of the world does it usually grow?

I have no idea but here in the Philippines, only the barangay bagong-silang have.

Oh cool. Is that another type of medicinal plant?

Yes, @interpidthinker and lots of benefits on the flowers especially the leaves can penetrate cancer and vomiting, also diarrhea.

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You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Oh! What a beautiful flower! Just the presentation of it adds a boost to your foods and drinks let alone all the other health benefits! M-m-m! Tastes like sweetened peanuts - interesting! Too bad the flowers are so hard to get but I know after people see your post they will be on the lookout for it! No hope of it surviving here in Canada!
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Thank you so much @naturalmedicine. Yes, the flower is really hard to find here in our place. I don't know these kinds of flower is in your place I hope it does. I am glad to see you here dropping by @naturalmedicine thank you and have a nice day.

I think we have this in Malaysia too. I will look. I really want to try it. Great post, @chrismadcboy2016@

Good @fitinfun if it does keep the flower safe if you get that one. The flower is very special especially the benefits of the flower can kill cancer and many more.

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Hi, thank you so much @creativecrypto for the warm support especially your presents for dropping by my articles. I am happy because I am featured on creative crypto magazine it is my pleasure to have you guys thank you and wish all the best have a nice day.