Tronco de un árbol muy peculiar | Photolover | A tree and its peculiar trunk! | Adventures :)

in photography •  6 months ago

I had found a trunk of a tree a while ago, but empty! Unfortunately for that moment I did not have a device to take the picture, so I promised to meet that tree again and take its peculiarity in a photo. Here is the result ...

Great, isn't?

Habia encontrado hace un tiempo un tronco de un arbol, pero vacio. Desafortunadamente para ese momento no portaba de un dispositivo para tomar la fotografia, asi que me prometi volver a encontrarme con ese arbol y llevarme su peculiaridad en una foto. He aqui el resultado...

Genial no?


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This picture looks so deep


Yes... but why does it look deep for u?