A dose of Mökkilyf before leaving FinlandsteemCreated with Sketch.

in photography •  26 days ago 

Next weekend I'll take off to Thailand for a month, and just before that I had a chance to enjoy some mökki (cottage) time in one that is of a family of a friend of mine. In Thailand there's no cold to be seen like there is in Finland, so in that regard it's like heaven for me (or hell – 30+ degree in a tropical climate is gonna be really hot for my Finnish ass). But there's a charm in wrapping up in warm clothes, setting the fire to the fireplace, drinking hot liquids in a candle light and cooking stew on a cast iron pot in a baking oven like an OG Finn. Only thing missing is a rifle to hunt down some moose, or a spear, depending how hardcore I'd want to get.

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oh wow these shots are really awesome, I especially love the forest and mushrooms, I would like to take a walk there for sure xxx

Thank you! A walk in the forest while picking up some mushrooms is a good de-stresser.

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So agree! Enchanting. We could all do with some mökki!

Yes, some mökki for everyone! :D

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Lovely shots! I love how we share such beautiful nature - you Finns and us Estonians! (Also hi @ Vana Tallinn bottle :D)

Lovely shots! I love how we share such beautiful nature - you Finns and us Estonians!

Thank you. Having this nature really close by is really nice.

Also hi @ Vana Tallinn bottle :D

Was waiting for someone to say that :D it is good drink.