Monster In The Tree!

in photography •  9 months ago

I am from Canada. I have spent five months in Mexico, one in the Yucatan and four in Acapulco. Right now I am in Acapulco and I live up in the hills. Across from our apartment are trees. I love watching birds and squirrels in these trees each morning. I have never seen so many hummingbirds and other tropical birds that I'm not used to.
Usually it's the squirrels that I see climbing around. I love watching them jump around.

This morning I was in the kitchen and saw something that made me wake up and remind me that I am not in Canada right now. I saw a lizard on the hydro wires. I never thought they could do that. I have only seen them on rocks and on large trees near the base.


This guy was so fun to watch but I was slightly worried for him. He had such a difficult time getting across the wire. I thought he might slip a couple of times.

He finally made his way to the tree


He still looked like he was struggling



He seemed happy at the end


Even though I may not want to come suddenly face to face with this guy, although I once kissed an iguana, I really feel glad to see lizards and gekos when I am here.

They are a sign that there is a pest control. Everything has it's purpose.

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Salam kenal udah kami vote, vote balik ya& followers

Great Post !

You can check my profile here if you wish

Hello friend as etas, I see you have a good time in Mexico, how amazing are the animals are raised and walk anywhere, the final photo I like because you do not notice almost that this is like part of the tree, I see one of these and I would be scared hahaha!


Ha ha I know, I would not want to meet one in my house, but in the tree they are beautiful. Thanks @jennimorillo

As long as he stays on the tree everything is fine.


Ha ha I know what you mean!

you will see these animals because they are common in the tropics ... it is a wide and different ecosystem compared to Canada ... I am following you, I invite you to follow me and visit my blog.


I love these creatures, they are beautiful.

Woww nice shots! So lucky to see it with your eyes...


Yes I really enjoy seeing these things, that I never saw for most of my life.