Guest snap by @ailindigo: Sunglasses reflection

in #photographylast year (edited)


At the beginning I didn't like these sunglasses, I didn't even know why did I bought them (many years ago), because afterwards I didn't want to wear them anymore. I had several more that I liked to wear, but lost each of them because of different circumstances of life till the point that I am currently wearing these ones because the situation in here got so hard that it became almost impossible to buy new sunglasses, at least for me; they really got expensive though I still see people with fashionable sunglasses everyday... sighs. The good things is that I started to like them a little bit and don't feel uncomfortable wearing them. This pic was taken right after I bought them, and this is the reflection photo that I like the most from the ones I've taken. What do you think?

Thanks for watching and reading!


Your story on those sunglasses are intuitive, such is life, the fact is that you really liked them at the first time you went for them, but it took just time for you to appreciate the beautiful things that you have.

I can really sense that virtue of contentment in you. Just continue living your life and being yourself. More love dear @bulleth. I’m Zeal.

You just got it heheh and intuition is something that I like to think I have :P
Thank you very much for your comment, it's one of the best I've ever received! :)
Greetings, Zeal!

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