Colorado River and Mohave Desert Photography

in photography •  6 months ago

Today I wanted to share a few photos of the nature I have been privileged to be around this holiday weekend.

In order to get to the Colorado River from where I live, you have to drive across a huge desert known as the Mohave Desert, which overlaps three states, California, Arizona and Nevada (it technically dips into Utah as well). The desert is usually very hot this time of year, with temperatures reaching upwards of 115 degrees in the heat of summer.

I also snapped many pictures of the Colorado River near Laughlin, Nevada. I hope you enjoy the photographs:






One of my favorite things to do is to take time to soak in different climates and environments when away from home, as it is part of the experience being some place different... it certainly widens your worldview and gives you a different perspective.

Thank you for stopping by, and I would welcome you to let me know which photo you enjoyed the most.

Until next time,

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Beautiful photos Brian! My favorite is the first one. There’s something cool about flowers growing right on the water like that!


Hi Lea, yes, that was my favorite too... pretty cool! Thanks for stopping by!

really very beautifull photography you capture today.just super shots photography.every photo looks to very attractive and pretty.specially this nature beauty of flower and sunset photo very inteligent.every photo you taken very perfectly and clearly.its obviously your big knowledge quality..i appreciate your post..thanks to sharing for your great post..very well dear friend. @brian.rrr take care yourself and best of luck of your great job..

What about the Grand Canyon I have been there at least 20 times. And Mohave desert once

Some great shots of the Colorado River. Such a beautiful spot to spend the weekend with your family. I really like pictures three and 4 from the top. The lighting is stunning and we can see the sun setting and the way the clouds are excentuated in this images is amazing. Thanks for sharing more of your holiday weekend.

Really marvelous photography. All photos are beautiful but i like the 2nd photo of desert. Really it's a beautiful place but i amazed that the temperatures reaching upwards of 115 degrees in the heat of summer thats really very hot. After all i impressed with your beautiful photography and writing.

Hello, it's a beautiful place, the photos are amazing but this one in particular calls my attention

Hello my dear friend,I really enjoy from your post. so excited photo, nice shot. I recently joined to steem and saw your posts. i like art, science, adventure and photography. I upvoted and follow you, If you like, please see my posts to support each other because i need to your help for being successful. thanks for sharing useful and beautiful post. have good time.

Beautiful photos, I happen to like the fourth picture of the sunset over the water.

It's funny how they must cross deserts to get to a place should be a good experience but woow I see that it is very hot there but it's fine as you say it's part of the fun plus there is always a nice experience, for me the best photo is where you can appreciate the sunset, mountains and water I really like the colors that the sunset brings with the @brian.rrr

This is a very hot climate but it is part of this experience and then surely that when they passed through the lake they were a bit cooler, the truth is that all the images are so beautiful nature, I really liked the photo of the end, I can see the moon, it seems very beautiful

I always follow you.
your every article and picture are different from everyone.
if you want to talk about your picture today.
then I would say it is awesome.
Every picture has made the nature more beautiful.
I think I am enjoying this beauty of your family family.

I appreciate your valuable article. Thanks a lot sir @brian.rrr . Keep up your great job.

I loved each photo of this post, they are really beautiful what landscapes so magical, great post.

I like the sunset pictures , well captured x

Wow these pictures are really beautiful. Nature is so beautiful on its own way . View of sunset from the place you captured the pictures are magnificient. Hope you all enjoyed some quality time there!

The last photo is my favorite because it has soft color.

Colorado river is one of the historical river in the world...
Great photo click in colorado river @brian.rrr

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Nice pics dude!

All of the photographs are fantastic, my pick is number 3 because of reflections and ripples in the water. First and last photos for cool colors that meld yet are quite different upon first glance. 🐓🐓