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... a strange little snail is moving through the algae in very shallow water ...
P1840116 malo.jpg
... and just outside the water, on the carpet of algae now on dry land, this fast and aggressive little Coleoptera are mating ... they are the only insects that are regularly patrolling this changing area in big numbers ...
DSC04753 x malo.jpg
... and when the snail comes out of the water ...
P1840135 malo.jpg
...we'll see that is actually another hermit crab ...
P1840138 malo.jpg
... there are some frog-like eyes, camouflaged on the rocks and algae nearby ...
DSC05686 x MIKROKROP.jpg
... and the creature looks a bit like a fish out of water ...
DSC05694 malo.jpg
... and that's exactly what it is ...
DSC05691 x malo.jpg
... a fish out of the water ...
DSC05686 x malo.jpg
... but this lovely little fish is not stranded ... she can easily slide on the slick surface of the rock covered with a slimy layer of algae...
DSC05669 malo.jpg
... but this ... much bigger fish ...
DSC05651 x malo.jpg
... is in a bit of trouble...
DSC05657 x malo.jpg
... low tide caught her in a small pool of water and now is very vulnerable ... this fish is actually very good to eat and in many fishing circumstances I made a meal of this sort of fish ... but now, while photographing I'm not in the predatory mood ... so I caught her and bring her to the deeper water ...
DSC04671 malo.jpg
... this sea anemone is temporarily trapped in its own little see, isolated between the hills of mud ...
DSC04657 malo.jpg
... and this boat looks a bit stranded ...
DSC04721 x malo.jpg
... like many ...
DSC04745 x malo.jpg
... empty shells ...
DSC04733 x malo.jpg
... scattered around ...
DSC04739 malo.jpg
... or caught ...
DSC04739 MIKROKROP malo.jpg
... in the web of algae ...
DSC04643 x malo.jpg
... while a bit further to the sea, in muddy water ...
... lovely bubbles are floating freely ...
DSC04592 malo.jpg
... while this crab is resting ...
DSC05158 x malo.jpg
... these other two are mating ...
P1840164 malo.jpg
... and this mollusk is on its way down, deep in the mud ...
DSC04694 x malo.jpg
... and now ... with this reflection of me in the shallows, some kind of signature :D it's time to end this tidal post.

( As always in these posts on Steemit, all the photographs are my work )

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Oh! How wonderful. Allow me to exaggerate my feelings here @borjan. Your lovely tidal post sparked a roller-coast of emotions: I giggled with the mating insects, I was surprised by the snail looking crab as well as the fish that crosses his path over waters. My heart sunk for the one that got stuck in the low tide and then I finally smiled upon learning you went for its rescue! Also, I love how you went from the stranded boat to the shells ...

Just so very sweet and enthralling!

All the best to you,

Thank you :) happy that you like it and that was entertaining

Thank you for rescuing the fish. Even though the fish may some days be dinner, you recognize the value of its life, and acknowledge that it, too, may suffer. One of the qualities about your posts I most enjoy--your empathy for all living things, even those you may be obliged to eat.
Also, the photography and narrative are brilliant. But I like best your empathy :)

That was quite the little adventure.
This reads very much like a child's book- *I lovit! *


Cool we have copper tiger beetles here too. I like those little mudskipper fish.

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Another amazing post! I love the bubbles on the surface of the water. They look like they're from another world.

True ... common bubbles always look to me like some elegant Syfy structures

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Wow! I love this post! I love animals!!
Which country is these pictures of?
What is the name of the second photo's insect?

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Thank you :) glad you like the post. This is in Croatia... Istra peninsula, northern Adriatic :) the insect is one of the Tiger beetles species ( Cicindelinae ) but I don't know which one exactly.

Thank you for telling me!!
Wow! Croatia great!👍

Actually I saw the picture and understood it was a tiger beetle,
If you know the scientific name, l wanted to know it but There are so many insects…😅
Anyway, Thank you for your reply!😀
Thank you for sharing that amazing photos!

By the way, This photo is tiger beetle of Japan!(It's not my photo)
If you are interested you can find them on Google😊



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Beautiful... very colorful and exotic from my point of view

Beautiful... very
Colorful and exotic
From my point of view

                 - borjan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

:D hehe

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But great detection skill
Always ready for a haiku ... or two...

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