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It's a warm day, around noon ...
IMG_2226 MALO.jpg
... on an open coastal meadow.
IMG_2203 MALO.jpg
There is a relatively small cistern ... and some large buckets ... filled with water ...
IMG_2220 MALO.jpg
... surrounded by a colorful bunch of cows.
IMG_2232 malo.jpg
A few big, menacing bulls ...
IMG_2238 malo.jpg
... are also part of the herd.
IMG_2214 MALO.jpg
I'm behind the camera ... watching from a safe distance ...
IMG_2216 MALO.jpg
... some boats are sailing through the surrounding grass ...
IMG_2210 MALO.jpg
... and some others are floating on the calm blue sea.

As always the photographs are my work.


Have a witness !BEER

The sea has most beautiful colour!

Never seen cows in grey colour before! They look very tame and friendly. You don’t need to stay far off from the cows!

The cows of local autochthonous breed are always gray ... and the bulls and oxen are big and impressive ... but these cows don't give much milk, so they are pretty rare now. He,he yes the cows are nice ... but I saw those bulls running around in a pretty scary way.

Oh! The bulls are very possessive of the cows!! LoL
By the way, I used to be chased by a bull inside a farm when we went to buy fresh milk! That was a long time ago in France!

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