CELEBRATING THE TOILET PAPER ( A Caturday - Saturday report in twenty-two pictures and a little bit of text )

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I made these photographs an hour ago ... approximately ...
IMG_4408 malo.jpg
... the day was about to end ...
IMG_4421 malo.jpg
... the yellow electric lights started to appear all around the neighborhood ...
IMG_4533 SAMO MALO.jpg
... in my garden, the mosquitos were swarming, due to the unusually warm & humid autumn condition ...
IMG_4536 samo malo.jpg
... and inside the house ...
IMG_4044 malo.jpg
... some other little pests were in the mood for chaos :D ...
IMG_4054 malo.jpg
... and so now …
IMG_4049 malo.jpg
... Ladies and Gentlemen ... is time to present ...
IMG_4047 malo.jpg
… Bembo & Mrwitza …
IMG_4046 malo.jpg
... Bembo, the male, is the one with the stripes ...
IMG_4406 malo.jpg
... and the little black female, is Mrwitza ...
IMG_4050 malo.jpg
... they always have a lot of ideas on how to make the day funny ...
IMG_4418 malo.jpg
... today they started the paper rolls destruction in the bathroom ...
IMG_4415 malo.jpg
... and continued ...
IMG_4416 malo.jpg
... all through the corridor ...
IMG_4043 malo.jpg
... and I was photographing :) and instigating the chaos to continue ...
IMG_4055 malo.jpg
... at one point ... when I was washing some old shoes in the bathtub ...
IMG_4413 malo.jpg
... the older generation male called Farabuto, came to follow the proceedings ...
IMG_4410 malo.jpg
... he loves to observe and supervise the work of other cats ... and humans ...
IMG_4412 malo.jpg
... especially when water is involved ... he likes to watch this liquid move and meditate upon the flow ...
IMG_4419 malo.jpg
... the little black ninja on this picture is not Mrwitza ... this is Miaucula, sometimes also called Little Satan ... she also came to take a look ...
... and now ... an hour or so later ...
IMG_4407 malo.jpg
... the toilet paper is still scattered on the floor ... the cats are sleeping ... and I'm about to finish this post ... :D As always in these posts on Steemit, the photographs are made by me ... THE END.

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This is when I am grateful that the cats I have now don't care about toilet ppaper. In the past...


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Thank you

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Thank you.

these cats are beautifull!❤️




Cuteness (and toilet paper :D)) overload :) Great shots. Btw, I am sure you have some cool photos of other mammals (except for dogs and cats) so feel free to join the Mammal Photography Contest that I am currently hosting ;) Will be an honor for me to have you competing there.

:D I have only domestic mammals on photographs ... the wild ones here are very shy with many places to hide ...

It´s ok :) You can submit a photo of any mammal (except for dogs and cats as they were the themes of the previous two contests). The response has not been that great so far and the chances of winning thus remain high.

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

I will try to find something wild in the archives ... if a Zoo or some African wildlife reserve is not at hand, it is not easy to make good wild mammal photographs :) in general ...

I know :) I definitely have more photos of lizards, insects and all kinds of creepy little creatures than mammals :D

Ah, those mammals :D the crown of the evolution and still so shy!

Hahaha looks like a crazy Friday night after party :D

looks like time to go to the Mall for the new supply of paper!


:) precious rolls of a great paper ... what will the world be without it

hahaha yep :D
Kitty toys supply..



What a mess! , they had a great playing time and think you enjoyed it taking those funny shots.
Best wishes and vibes over there ❤️
!CATtip 25

Thanks :)

eli toilet paper.jpg

And I thought we had problems!

:D Magic rolls