SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #34 - Photographer in action (Three entries)

in photography •  last year

Hi all! These are my entries for SteemitPhotoChallenge of this week

The only photographer I know personally is myself. Therefore, for my short experience in photography, I managed to photograph in action only myself.

My car helps me. It gives me the opportunity to travel to places that are interesting to me to take a picture. And in this case it helped me too.

Sometimes I make such selfies when traveling.

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Nikon D5000 18-55VR

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Да, я люблю такие фото. Это экспрессивно, ярко и интересно!


Спасибо! 8) Рад слышать!

All three great shots. Good luck in the competition


Thank you! Glad to hear that 8)

I love these. Number 3 is my fav. Good luck on the challenge @boddhisattva.