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Happy Greetings,
Today I would like to share some beautiful random snap from my daily collection Bag,
If you liked this post write a comment indicating my nickname @blueheaven, I will be very grateful if you mention which one is you like.
Look at this photography, I found this subject at my sort trip at Gangasagar and I captured with my Sony camera.
Yes these are normal things but they are saying something, anybody knows what is this? I really want to take a good macro photography and I am trying hard & soul after that God help me.







Thanks for spending your valuable time for watching my macro photography & I think all of you enjoy this photos and share this macro beauty with others steemit members.

These all are original photography click by @blueheaven.

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Hey thanks for the upvote!

Your pictures are very nice, I can only dream of being able to visit places like that..If you don't mind me asking though what does 'macro' photography mean? I have never heard of that term I am kinda curious

beautiful photography

your photograpy is so nice. Go Ahead bro