Sunset Over Mountains - Landscapephotography

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Paragliding from "Tierra Negra", Mérida.
Kodak Easyshare C182 - @bloodymari

In the west where the sun is hidden, you can see the Chama river making its way through the mountain range of the Venezuelan Andes. Coordinates It is at an altitude of 1650 masl, and it is considered one of the 10 best in the world to practice Paragliding. Once up you can also see people with bicycles, ATVs or trotting, it is a perfect place to do activities while you contemplate the nearby cities, natural landscape or other peaks.


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Wish I had the ability to do this - it is exciting and, obviously, very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

It would be great if you tried it, I'm sure it will overcome some hidden fear and you will enjoy it, there is no need, a hug!

I went through an experience, trapped on a cliff for over half an hour, at about the height of a 20 storey building and ever since then I cannot stand heights, not even in a photograph (person standing at edge of building or cliff) so, no way I can do it. I tried, years ago, to go for bungee jumping training, but after watching a young girl do it, I walked away.

The only times I can still stand being high, is in my dreams - when I can fly. Those are beautiful moments

Thanks for being encouraging...