Pregnancyphotoshoot of my sister in law! 😍

in photography •  2 years ago

Hey Steemians, in one of my posts I've mentioned that I will become an auntie again 💃🏽! Duedate is on the 27th of October and I am so excited to meet my little baby niece! 😍

Yesterday, my sister in law sent me pictures of her 'pregnancyphotoshoot' that she did with her daughter. Her daughter is only 12 years old and already so creative and talented!

I would like to share some pictures of my beautiful sister in law and her lovely babybump. The first pic is my favourite!!!

image image

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Nice pictures, hope God give your sister a Cute baby :)


Thank you! I won't doubt she will get a cute baby with my brother haha. I'm very excited. Gotta wait four months before the baby's here 💃🏽.

Congratulations to you sister in law and to the whole family! Happy(and Tiring:)) times ahead!!


Thank you very much!!!

Very beautiful photos. I congratulate your sister on the future replenishment.

Aww wow, you must be proud! Beautiful photos, taken by such a talented young girl! Congratulations on becoming an Auntie-to-be again!