Trippy Thursday: X-Ray

in photography •  last month


X-ray vision is not a cool super power! I bet when superman was kid and used the x-ray vision to peep on girls he saw lots of bones and organs... not a sexy thing! Although he could use that power to make some money...

Imagine all the people making lines to be checked by him knowing that they won't be exposed to radioactivity and still they will know if something is wrong with their bodies! Why he didn't though about that?! The world is full of journalists and there are hundreds of heroes but having a doctor capable to tell you what is wrong with your body just by looking at you? That's priceless! Shame on you Clark Kent, shame on you!

This is my entry for today's #TrippyThursday by me!




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Muy bonito, así que viendo la vida de color de trippy


Acaso hay otra manera de vivir? jajaja


No, claro que no, ja ,ja

@blacklux that is some pretty trippy thoughts, it would be nice if someone could look at a person and tell them what is wrong.

haha! howdy blacklux! I bet poor Clark kent has never been shamed for that before!