Edits And Re-Edits. Finding Your Own Style.

in photography •  6 months ago


I found some old pics in my phone gallery and re-edit them all. Is always fun to see old photos, I always compare how I edited them in the past with newer edit versions, it make me see how much I improved (or made worst) my editing skills.


It also helps me see how much my mood affects my editing style. One thing that I noticed is that I tend to emphasize the darkness in my pics. I like my shadows to be strong and details to be marked and visible. Subtile is not present in my pics, is very weird if you find that.

I like my color pics to be strong and my B&W pics full of darkness drama! Everyone have their own style and I always make sure to show mine!


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Oh, you edit so nicely! I have edit envy! HI, Luz!

Great job!


Awww thanks dear Denise! 😘

I enjoy the drama in your pics. The more dramatic the better.


Thanks! A pic without drama is like popcorn without butter... I want popcorn... I'm hungry... O wait! ... I wanted to try this for a long time and now I can! .... !popcorn


Yaaaay! It works! My first popcorn!!


Mmmm, popcorn...it's 10:00 at night woman, stop putting these ideas in my head!