Prophets of hope

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In absence of light, darkness prevails.


An artist is not only a person who possesses certain skills, knowledge and experience, he is also a prophet of hope! There is no need for any skill, knowledge, ability to see that the world in which we live is full of flaws and shortcomings, darkness, malice, hopelessness, etc. It can be seen by everyone, only if it wants to. But it takes a sophisticated eye, an unpolluted mind and a pure soul, to see in everything, beauty, good, light and hope, this is a characteristic of a few.
It is always much easier to live by the line of lesser resistance, to be pessimistic than an optimist, to complain rather than say something nice about someone or something, it is easier not to do anything than to do something, the list is endless. I believe that you could add a few examples
The artist equally enjoys the rain that falls for days, as well as in the sun that makes high temperatures for days, enjoys wind and snow, because all these elements have their purpose and significance, the artist always says: it is good! The artist refuses to be a prophet of doom and gloom, does not want to sow fear and hopelessness no matter how dark life circumstances can be.
The task of every artist is not just creating, moving borders, discovering new ideas, but also building other people, enlightening, giving hope, because life is immense only if we get out from our boxes!


I've found my bright spot for today, you can see it on the attached photos. Did you find your point of hope ?!

12.04.2019. Thanks for visiting my photo blog
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"One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

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Very beautiful photos!

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